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All of us need some inspiration and instruction sometimes when it comes to dressing for the office. For those in conservative industries, finding work-appropriate attire is especially governed by limitations: clothes that are tight, revealing, impractical or even too bright and unconventional can be frowned upon or even banned. So too often, business attire becomes code for “bland” and the same blazers, skirts and pumps in neutral shades are cycled in endless rotation. Luckily, there are a bevy of personal style blogs that have an emphasis on dressing for the office (or commonly showcase outfits appropriate for the work environment) which can help with style advice for weekdays that satisfies your creativity and your professionalism.

  • makes a point of offering features and advice for every aspect of a professional woman’s life, not just career advice or fashion. As the blog’s creator Emma writes:

“Jane” is every woman, and she symbolizes the move from the 1950s era when Jane was Dick’s childhood counterpart who wouldn’t have the same opportunities as a boy, to today when women can do virtually everything men can do. Then, Jane was raised to be the perfect housewife and mother. Now, Jane Has A Job.


Emma is a thoughtful and style-conscious blogger, and the fashion features are some of my favorites on the blog. And she’s a fan of Vogue‘s 5 Looks 5 Days One Girl feature, just like us!

  • Even if you’re neither little nor asian, Cute & Little still offers heaps of relevant inspiration. The blog’s creator hails from Dallas, TX just like us (Hi, Kileen!) and while some of her outfits may be too adventurous for those employed in very conservative sectors of our economy, she profiles looks with all kinds of silhouettes and coverage. Site features run the gamut from tutorials (like how to tie a double loop belt knot) to dressing room reviews on-the-spot at retailers. Anyway, we love finding other Dallas bloggers (and the girl wears pearls)!

  • is another personal style blog, with an emphasis on the very stylish at both ends of the price spectrum (an H&M blouse here, a Valentino skirt there). The blog’s creator Anh describes her creation:

This is my way of expressing personal style while still dressing within the standards/expectations of my industry during the workweek. It’s also about indulging in the more fun weekend outfits when I’m off the clock too.  And if it were true to it’s name, it would be 8-to-8 Chic.  But that just doesn’t have as nice of a ring, does it?

Just as she says, the blog features plenty of more daring outfits for the weekend, but the work-week looks are anything but boring as Anh showcases how to liven up outfits with a blast of color from a skirt, tighten up a silhouette with a belt, or keep interest piqued with a walkable but interesting heel. Check out this post for her office-wear essential!

  • Corporette bills itself as a fashion blog for over-achieving chicks, and it’s certainly popular with the lady-lawyer types judging by the comments on posts like this one about an intern with a $9,000 handbag. The blog fills the conservative niche with topics of posts and style recommendations tending to be more relevant for those ladies working in finance or law rather than those working in, say, advertising or film. But the advice is good, the goods are practical, and the practicalities observed (so often style blogs feature high-fashion, experimental ensembles that are inappropriate for the work-place).

Honorable Mention: Oscar PR Girl

Manned by a PR girl for Oscar de la Renta, this Tumblr blog isn’t much help with what to wear five days a week at the office (unless you work for a fashion house) but it’s always entertaining. With insider tips, cell-phone outfit photos and all things Oscar all the time, it’s glam and concise. Pictures like this one, of Grace Kelly sunning herself while Cary Grant hovers at her elbow, make me smile.

So check out these great resources for office attire inspiration. And for all those who are already stylish executives, leave your other favorite online sources of inspiration, if you have them, in the comments!

(Featured image via Slate)

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